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On this website you will see when you come to book via the green app below

 you can pay on line, choose your therapy, and book your time too.


Here are some suggestions for the kinds of Therapies you can choose,

along with some explanations (for what I believe) are some examples of the many benefits these therapies can give you.  


Please note - throughout all therapies you remain fully dressed.


Indian Head Massage

Offers relief from pain and increased mobility in areas massaged,

increased energy levels, tranquility, improved lymphatic drainage, strong healthy shiny hair.

Please note Contraindications apply here and 24hr skin test required - OR  alternatively

you can bring your own oils that you use on yourself, for me to use, which you know you have no allergic reation to.



Aligns smooth flow of energy, as a pebble in a stream stops the smooth flow of water.

Reiki releases the blocked energy (stone) allowing energy to flow smoothly.


Chakra Alignment

This is bringing all your chakras back into alignment, this means back to the place they should be

which is central down our bodies, (to begin with) using personalised crystals.

(from you completing the personal consultation form)



When you are wanting to discover what is holding you back in your life! 

To discover why we can't cope with certain situations in our lives!

This could also bring to the forefront of our minds the answers to these questions!


Healing with a Crystal Pendulum

This is where I use the vibrational energy of the Crystal Pendulum.

Releasing where there is too much energy, and adding more vibrational energy where it is lacking, vice versa.


Crystal Massage not touching

This is where I bathe your body in Rose Quartz, through a grid system (you are fully clothed).

and you benefit from these energies without being physically massaged.

(Ladies in preganancy have enjoyed this therapy to relax both themselves and their unborn child)


Absent Healing

You have someone or something you care about who require positive energy to enter into the equation.

But you can't do anything for them for whatever reason,

be it distance or another reason,

so all the vibrational energy is then pointed in the direction of the somebody or something you have chosen to receive it,

you would advise the person (if appropriate) where and when the absent healing would take place.

(My personal advice is that no healing must be sent to any person under anaesthetic - or in an operation of any form)


Energy Locks

We all have meridian lines running through us which flow like a river, but sometimes we find

for eg. if a stream hits a pebble in its path, it has to go round this, and this forms ripples.

Well this is the effect in our bodies if we have an energy lock problem, the meridian lines wouldn't run smoothly,

and would then cause an imbalance of energies in our bodies, working on your energy locks can repair this blockage.


Pamper Treatment

All you want to feel is like you have had a really hot bath, and just want to relax and switch off from the world,

your chakras will be positively affected this way to achieve a totally positive outcome and you will feel totally relaxed.


Herkimer Diamond Facial

Using the same facial acupuncture pressure points, (which go back to the Egyptians I believe) as an Accupuncturist uses

(I have had this confirmed through a facial map I created, with a fully qualified Accupuncturist)

where the pressure points on the face, affect the body as whole, all to positive ends.



The first therapy you have  ...

You will benefit from ...

No client has as yet given me no feedback whatsoever ... I take the feedback straight after the therapy...

No two therapies will give you exactly the same result ...

So you will know when you need your next Therapy, we can discuss this after your first therapy if you like.


Any questions? ? ? ?


Please do not hesitate to email me - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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