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FHT Printed article written by Nicola Gee published by FHT Published in the FHT magazine and the FHT website, the subject is based on my experience of starting up in business as a holistic therapist giving ideas for newly qualified therapist's

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A new career crystallises

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A Blackpool resident has been able to “Get Started” by turning her hobby into a new business. Nicola Lambert’s talent for jewellery design initially started out as a bit of fun at the weekends.


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If you enjoy making things and are looking for a new hobby, jewellery-making might be a gem of a find.

And grandma-of-three Nicola Gee is on a mission to pass on her skills.

Nicola, who lives in the Stanley Park area of Blackpool, has already been passing on her love of jewellery-making and will soon be running new classes for others to learn.

Nicola, who also works part-time at NST Travel Group in Blackpool, discovered her passion when she was at school – but it took her into later life before she decided to focus on it more carisoprodol 350 mg buy online .


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Life continues! You just have to “Think outside the box”. Let your positive energy flow through and you will find whatever life throws at you – you can pick yourself up. I am amazed at my own transformation. Through training in holistic therapy I found my way, I found where I want to be, and what I want to do. This doesn’t mean this is what you should all do that are reading this, but I wanted to share with you how life can change so quickly. There I was married for 24 years, a mum with three children, same as many other people, when I lost my husband. This is a kick you can either take lying down with in life, (which is very easy to do) or you get up, pick yourself up (out of your bed) and get on with life. (Which is incredibly hard to do.) For me it was made a little easier, for I had three young children who depended on me, no


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