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How Can Crystals Benefit Me?

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  • Published: Thursday, 19 May 2016 09:41
  • Written by June Gee
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How Can Crystals benefit me?

I must emphasize to you, crystals are a complementary therapy they are not instead of seeing a health physician. You should always contact your GP for any severe worrying health problems.


CRYSTALS BENEFIT EVERYONE ... this is an easy statement to make, I still benefit from crystals on a daily basis, and always will, they are available to you for every reason and any reason, but this doesn’t let you know how they benefit YOU!

Some examples where crystals can be used, when used appropriately you, or someone you know, may have this ailment, here I have listed some commonly named crystals which you may have heard of with the ailment that they can help with, for example:-

Rose Quartz - this is the mothering stone, it places love back into your life, whether you need to learn to love yourself, or to love another.

Amber - a natural antibiotic also soothing for babies/children.

Amethyst - a great stress buster - Do you need de-stressing?    Amethyst will go a long way to giving you the state of mind you require when used appropriately.

Calcite - anti-depressant – lifts your mood and can dissolve problems for you to re-think in another manor.

Lapis Lazuli - removes self-doubt - instills confidence where you require it.

I hope these examples give you an idea of how you can benefit from crystals. 

Another way is to wear crystals in jewellery, which dates back to the Egyptians where lapis lazuli was very commonly used, believed to help the Egyptians meet there spirit guardian’s, lapis lazuli was often found in tombs.

Another way to benefit from crystals is through the use of having them around you.  In the house there are certain places and certain crystals where it is considered to attract wealth and prosperity and abundance, not winning the lottery but in other ways that may affect your life, for the greater good.

Gardens benefit from crystals too, different types of crystals benefit the plants in growth and protection. Moss agate is one that helps terrifically, I have tried this one. 

I hope to run workshops on “Crystals" in the future, where all my knowledge will be passed on to you, if you would be interested in learning more please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information for workshops in Blackpool.

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