Sunday, 19 November 2017


Disclaimer I must point out to yourself, that I am not a GP.


If you have medical symptoms which warrants a GP, I advise you to go there first,

and ask your GP if it is alright for you to have Crystal/Reiki & Indian Head Massage Therapy.


After all Crystal Therapy is a complimentary therapy and works well with traditional administered medical advice.


You just have to try it for yourself and see for yourself!


For Indian Head Massage - you must please read the CONTRAINDICATIONS.

The form for Contraindications will also require a signature of declaration

prior to the Indian Head MassageTherapy at the time of your appointment

and a skin test prior to appointment to test for allergies or alternatively you

can provide your own oils for me to use which you use on yourself

and therefore will have no allergic reaction to.


CONTRAINDICATIONS SHEET - These will soon be available in:-







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