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Crystal Therapy

Can I have a Crystal Therapy?


I must emphasize to you, crystals are a complementary therapy they are not instead of seeing a health physician. You should always contact your GP for severe worrying health problems.


Contraindications - High/low blood pressure - Pregnancy - deep depression - pacemaker - mental health conditions


If you have any concerns for these or any other ailements not mentioned - you are asked to check with your GP before having a Holistic Therapy as precaution for yourself, and if you are in any doubt at all, with all Holistic Therapies you should always contact your GP as a first step and let your Therapist know if any of these are concerns of yours, then you can agree together the best form of Therapy from your information given.

(I will add that I have treated pregnant ladies before and used just rose quartz which is a gentle mothering crystal and relaxes the mother in her pregnancy - but again this a decision for you to make and I strongly advise you to contact your GP if you have any concerns prior to booking your therapy.)

Anyone age 9+ can have Crystal Therapy (except as above contraindations mentioned).  Children must be accompanied with an adult (from age 9 years+)  the adult must stay for the duration of the appointment and observe the therapy and sign the forms prior to therapy, and understand the appropriate regulations with minors.

You can enjoy Crystal Therapy as a pamper treatment, and a treatment which aligns your chakras and leaves you feeling perfect in mind body and spirit and very relaxed.

You can also have Crystal Therapy for your own personal health reasons, purposeful to you, which will be discovered through answering the questionnaire form on this website which is completed at the time of booking.

Crystal Therapy is a Complementary Therapy and I would never claim to cure anyone, but I will claim to enhance the positive feelings you and your body and soul will experience through Crystal Therapy, take a look at the Feedback from previous clients.

As I always say, Crystals act for the greater good! Come along and experience a therapy session and see for yourself.


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