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Can I wear Crystals for Healing?

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  • Published: Thursday, 19 May 2016 09:43
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I must emphasize to you, holistic therapies are complementary therapies, they are not instead of seeing a health physician. 

You should always contact your GP for severe worrying health problems


Crystals have been used for healing and in jewellery since the Egyptian times, they are nothing new, today we break down some of the crystals and they can be crushed in to our medicines and taken internally, (some are of course posionous and should NOT be taken internally) the Egyptions believed that placing Lapis Lazuli in their tombs would bring them closer to their Guardians and that other gems would give them safe passage and care for them on their journey to the other side.


Crystals can enhance your environment and make you feel wonderful too, every crystal has a different purpose.


Choosing a crystal for yourself!

When you stand in front of a tray of crystals or crystal jewellery (semi-precious and precious gems), and you would like to pick one piece for yourself, but you are unsure which to choose -  nine times out of ten you will be drawn to a particular crystal and you will see from this crystal, when you look up the healing energies of your chosen crystal it is just what you required, to help you, with either a lifestyle choice, a personal problem, or a health problem, they will benefit you!


Take a look in the "Gallery" of photos and see if you are pulled to a certain colour, why not look them up, or ask me what they are - and see if they are appropriate for you.

 I will be very surprised if they are not!


Remember, all crystals are here to give you nothing more than a greater good (meaning everything crystals give you is for the greater good)!


Wearing Crystal Jewellery 

When you wear crystal jewellery only wear it continuously for about just 3-4 days,

then take it off, 

and if you miss it, put it back on again,

Crystals are extremely powerful little gems of vibrational energy.

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