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Listed Ailments

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  • Published: Thursday, 19 May 2016 09:45
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LISTED AILMENTS (& Gem Essences)

This alphabetical list below, isn't an extensive list, many more ailments could be added here was there room and time (and interest to read all of these), these and many more can achieve positive results through holistic therapy, as it is a complimentary therapy, which means it compliments treatments already medically prescribed.

Addictions  Addictive behavior  Abuse  Allergies  Anger  Arthritis  Asthma Anxiety

Back ache/pain  Blockages  Blood pressure High and Low   Burn out

Calming  Childbirth  Compassion  Complexion  Conception Confidence  Constipation  Courage  Cramp  Creativity

Deafness  Decision making (inability)  Denial (of the heart)  Depression  Despair  Detoxification (various-mind/body) Dexterity Digestion   Digestive tract

Ear problems  Eczema  Emotional reasons (various - abuse/blockages from past lives/exhaustion/negativity) Energy/boost/unbalanced Exhaustion  Eyes

Fatigue  Female Reproductive System  Fertility increase  Flatulence  Forgetfulness  Forgiveness  

Giddiness  Greed  Grounding  Guilt  Glands(throat)  Growth(Slow)  Grief

Hallucinations  Hands  Hand eye co-ordination Happiness Harmony  Hay fever  Headache  Hearing  Heart(Chakras)  Heartache(love) Helplessness  Hip pain

Hormones(various)  Hot flushes  Hyperactivity

Immune system  Incontinence  Indigestion  Indulgence  Infertility  Insomnia  Insecurity  Irritability

Jealousy  Joints (various) 

Labour Pains   Larynx  Learning difficulties  Liver  Love(various)  Letting go

Memory Improvement  Menopause  Mental(various)  Menstrual  Mid-life crisis  Migraine  Mood swings  Muscles(various) Mindfulness

Nasal   Neck  Negativity(various)  Nerves(various) Nightmares  

Obesity  Obsession  Ovaries

Pain relief  Palpitations  Panic attack  Pollen allergies  Pregnancy(various)  

Rebirthing  Relaxation  Release(anger/tension)  Reproductive system  

Sadness  Scar tissue  Security issues  Self acceptance(various)  Sexual (abuse- various)  Shame  Shoulders  Shyness  Sight  skeletal system(various)  Sorrow Speaking in anger uncontrollably   Speech(various)  Stamina  Stimulation  Stress   

Tension release  Throat  Thyroid  Tiredness  Truth(speaking)

Unconditional love  Ungrounded.


This is a long list of ailments and if you suffer from an ailment not listed here please do not think there are no Crystals available for you!

I have never yet been asked to help an ailment and not been able to locate the appropriate crystal for anyone, as yet! 

If you have a specific ailment and would appreciate a Personal Gem Essence to be created for you

this can be created for you in a drop form to take internally or to add to your bath, you decide,

please email for more information as they do take time to make and may possibly

be a 14+  day turn around.



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