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About Us

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About Us

My personal story begins after a day visit to a Workshop on Crystals, I knew this was for me straight away, and signed up for a two year course of training in Holistic Crystals, and discovered for myself that there is a mystery surrounding crystals and a vibrational energy, which is actually born from an actual very exact science, involving atoms and protons, which I won’t go into right now, but I was fascinated by what I was learning!

Along with my jewellery which I have been designing since I was at school, I have combined the knowledge of both, and joined them together to create this website.

In 2013 I qualified in the ‘Practical Use of Crystals’.


In 2014 I qualified in my final exam “Advanced Diploma in Crystals” and then went on to obtain my Reiki I and Reiki II and Reiki III Master Teacher Degree Certificates in Usui Reiki, which work hand in hand with crystals and I am now a fully qualified, practiscing and insured therapist and Master of Reiki and a member of the FHT - Federation of Holistic Therapists.


I then decided I would love to share my knowledge with anyone who was interested, so I studied for a teaching Certificate and obtained my BETECH Adult Education Teaching Certificate which now allows me to teach with confidence all I have learned, to further spread the word of the magnificence of Crystal & Reiki Healing, Jewellery creation and design.


I was then in a position to train in Indian Head Massage, which I have qualified in 2015 and now hold a Practicing Diploma.


So, now I am in the fortunate position of being able to teach confidently and passionately the therapies I have a passion for as well as the jewellery knowledge I have obtained (see "Gallery" above for examples of jewellery you could create and design for yourself in the Gemseco Jewellery Workshop - created for beginners/refreshers).


All the examinations I have qualified in are all accredited with other organisations.


Do you know Reiki has now been accepted by the NHS and Crystal Healing will I believe one day follow too, to be an everyday experience of unobtrusive natural healing! May this day come soon!


In London I have seen an advert for Reiki Therapists to work full time in a hospital, may there be many more in the not so distant future.


I hope you enjoy this website as much as I have getting this far and I assure you, there will be a lot more to come!


I am now studying for a Counselling Skills Certificate at College, which will be great to help YOU even more in the future.


A big Thank you goes go to my patient and gorgeous Husband Rob who built this website for me too!


Anyone requiring a website to be built just let me know and I will pass your details on!


Thank you so much for your time!

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